Bwana Thurman is a nationally sought out financial and professional development trainer, business consultant, success coach, and relationship marketing expert. Additionally, he is the founder of Momentum Training, a personal development and corporate training company focused on helping people achieve success and balance in every area of their life!

Bwana began a quest to obtain the finer things in life by attending Morehouse College, from which he graduated at the top of his class with an honors bachelor of arts degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance.  At the young age of 21, Bwana was introduced to the Network Marketing industry, to which he attributes much of his success.  This is where he had a chance to obtain some tremendous personal growth, learn from and be coached by some of the most respected and successful individuals in business and personal success.  Although success didn’t happen overnight, Bwana ended up owning several multi-million dollar businesses by age thirty two, with revenues exceeding tens of millions of dollars.  Bwana always says, “I’m in my early forties but I feel like I’ve been through more than most sixty year olds”.  This is because along the way, he faced many challenges, obstacles, ups and downs, and adversities that come along with being successful in life.  He now has an opportunity to share that wisdom and experience across the nation through Momentum Training!!

Bwana has spent the last twenty plus years of his life developing, managing, and training sales forces across the world.  When he wasn’t the owner, he was always a leader, top producer, and in many cases, a top money earner or record breaker for which he has received many honors and awards.  Bwana realizes the importance of team, and is most excited about his PARTNERSHIP with YOU and the leaders of your success team.  He is honored to work with partners that lead by example and are focused on showing people how to make their dreams come true by giving them a platform and skill set to reach their goals and achieve total success!