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  • Agreement

  • MOMENTUM Training Company and associated materials are designed to help you achieve your maximum potential. The information that will be shared with you during this training is owned by and is proprietary to Momentum Training Co. The materials are protected by copyright and are provided to you for your personal use and development. Any and all information, materials, discussions, or experiences disclosed during this training shall be the sole property of Momentum Training Company. There are no recording devices permitted. Any re-publication, photocopying, distribution or unauthorized use of this information is strictly prohibited. Certain sales aids and materials are marked for the benefit of those in attendance. Sales of products other than those produced by Momentum Training Co. are prohibited. Some aspects of this experience may be physically and/or emotionally demanding. Please use precaution and discretion as to your level of participation and involvement. I am of sound mind and body, and I am entering this training of my own free will and my own risk. If certain aspects of this program are too demanding or strenuous for my condition or me, I agree to and shall refrain from participation or overexertion. I accept full responsibility for my actions, conduct, and results. I understand that the materials provided are for my own personal use, and I agree not to use or disclose information in any manner that is inconsistent with the above terms, unless I obtain the prior written approval of Momentum Training Co. I understand that as a participant in this training, I may be photographed and/or videotaped/audio taped. I hereby authorize Momentum Training Co. and any of its affiliate companies to use my personage, voice and likeness in any future promotional materials to be produced and distributed by any such companies, without compensation therefore, and without territorial, time, or use limitations. I agree to hold Momentum Training Co. and its affiliates, agents, or representatives harmless from any and all personal or property damages of any kind. I understand that all fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Momentum Training Co. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. I understand that this training is not mandatory nor is it a requirement of my distributorship or agency. I agree that the terms of this agreement shall apply to all future seminars, meetings, or activities involving Momentum Training Co., regardless of place or time of such activity.